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How to Stack Rings Like a Pro

Stacking rings is a statement in itself. It’s fun and fabulous especially if you love gesturing with your hands. It’s creative self-expression on a whole new level. Want to try it but a little lost or intimidated? Here’s our guide. From knowing the right ring size down to mixing metals and colours, knowing how to style multiple rings is an art form. about the information they need before they purchase. If your blog content is relevant to prospects’ and customers’ needs before and after purchase and your products deliver on their promise, you can convert your blog into a sales machine.

Things to Remember When Stacking Rings

Know your ring size. Choose rings that fit comfortably. You don’t want to risk a ring falling off because it’s loose. You also don’t want to cut off circulation in your finger by putting on a ring a couple of sizes too small.
Avoid overstacking. Overstacking, or putting on too many rings, can throw your style off-balance. It also causes strain on your fingers. Make sure to leave some gaps in between rings or stacks to keep the look from becoming overwhelming, visually and physically.
Consider metal hardness. Some metals are softer and more prone to scratches when stacked against harder metals; for example, 14K gold can scratch 18K gold. It’s best not to put pieces like these together to avoid damaging the metal.
Be careful of prongs and settings. These pieces have high-set stones or sharp edges. They can catch on clothing, objects, or skin, causing injury or damage.
Inspect and maintain your rings periodically. Check all stones are secure in their places. Make sure to clean your pieces regularly with a clean rag, and avoid using harsh cleaning agents. Store your rings preferably in a lined container, and separate them to avoid scratching.

Ring Stacking Guide

Aim for balance. There are two ways to do this: picking a theme or following the “three-one” pattern. Choose a metal colour, diamond shape, or ring style that you can use as a reference for the ring combinations you put on. The “three-one” pattern, on the other hand, references the visually pleasing nature of triangles by putting three rings on one finger and one on the next.

Decide on how many rings to put on. There is no “right number” of rings, but you do want to avoid overcrowding on one finger, and overstacking in general. Try stacking without keeping the number in mind, then just add and remove until you get the combination you want. At the end of the day, the number of rings will depend on two things: balance and comfort.

Leave at least one finger bare. This is the best thing to do to completely avoid overstacking. It’s recommended to keep either the pinky or the thumb bare, but you do you!

Mix and match with different materials. 

Mixing and Matching

Weights and shapes: Wide and thick rings should go with thinner ones. If you have a big statement ring like the Cielo Bespoke Aurora Ring, pair it with the dainty rings from our Cherie line for a touch of elegance. Of course, stacking similarly weighted rings is a safe style choice; you could put three eternity rings from the Cherie collection on a single finger.

Metals and colours: Matching ring colours always make for a harmonious and chic style, but contrasting colours add a layer of personality to any look. The Juca Sage Moi et Toi Ring, for example, works best with our Juca chiffon-coloured items to create a clean and serene contrast. Start with a primary metal colour, then a secondary or accent colour. It’s best to create contrast within the same stack, instead of multiple contrasting colours that might end up clashing with one another.

Styles: Matching heirloom pieces with contemporary minimalist bands creates a unique dialogue between vintage and modern aesthetics. Curved rings, like those from our Juca collection, create spaces between stacks, allowing you more room to play around with other forms. They also help frame diamond rings.

At the edge of play

Ring Types

Statement Rings. This is the one ring to rule them all…on your hand. It has the boldest colour or the heaviest weight.
Dainty Rings. Delicate, thin, minimalistic bands. Good for layering.
Stacking Rings.The “building blocks” of your stacks, so it’s best to have them in multiples.
Midi Rings. These rings are meant to sit in the middle of your fingers, or your knuckles.
Curved Rings. These rings create spaces in the stack, and can be used when playing around with forms.
Eternity Rings. Continuous bands of cut gemstones.

As you try stacking rings, you’ll develop an instinct in putting rings together. There are no stringent rules—only a boundless realm for self-expression and creative storytelling.Mix, match, and stack to your heart’s content, allowing your unique innermost self to shine through each look.

14K Solid Gold Cielo Bespoke Aurora Tourmaline Ring
14K Solid Gold Cielo Bespoke Aurora Tourmaline Ring

14K Solid Gold Cielo Bespoke Aurora Tourmaline Ring

14K Solid Gold Calin Gilded Blue Serenity Sapphire Ring
14K Solid Gold Calin Gilded Blue Serenity Sapphire Ring

14K Solid Gold Calin Gilded Blue Serenity Sapphire Ring

14K Solid Gold Calin Lavender Wrap Amethyst Ring
14K Solid Gold Calin Lavender Wrap Amethyst Ring

14K Solid Gold Calin Lavender Wrap Amethyst Ring


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