VUOI was born in Geneva and raised in Double Bay, Sydney. When the seed of this concept of having a fine and fun jewellery line first introduced and evolved. 

In VUOI, you can see VOU, which stands for YOU in French- the message that the founder wants to send is that she’s creating a brand that promotes self-love. VUOI is dedicated to create jewellery that focuses on YOU, and to express the love you have for yourself.

Then you can also see OUI in it- as we love to elevate the experience when you say YES to your beloved ones. Your joy is the meaning behind this.

The very root of VUOI has the meaning of ‘to see and to desire’, as we are passionate about creating a fun world of jewellery like you’ve never experienced before, and that we committed to making that happen.

VUOI strikes the perfect balance between edge and elegance. It’s designed for ppl who want their life lived at the edge of play. We want our pieces to empower you to express yourself effortlessly and in your element–with the balance of edge and elegance.

Inspired by the fringes of culture, trends, movements, and imagination, we deliver unexpected designs where fine meets fun and edge meets elegance.

Our fine quality jewellery blends fluidity with style, catering to every mood and moment. From signature lines to seasonal collections, we offer pieces that complement every occasion.

Drawing from the edges of culture, trends, and movements, we celebrate innocence and simplicity. VUOI is for the striving, the standout, and the untethered.

VUOI’s catalogue consists of high quality pieces with a distinct design for everyday wear, creative self expression, and joyous celebration of the moment. Our fine jewellery quality withstands the outdoors, the elements, and the unknown events waiting to be discovered in each day.

VUOI takes you to a world where fine meets fun, at the edge of play, and in your element.



Water sustains life. It keeps the flow going. It brings healing, rejuvenation, and peace. VUOI exudes the same energy–emanating peace and confidence, and giving life, flow, and harmony to your style. It blends with anything and complements you whatever you do and wherever the waves take you.


Earth is the realm of wealth, abundance, and growth. It works with every other element to provide for every living thing. VUOI makes you the Earth: a sight to see, a growth to anticipate, and a luxury to behold. Their casually enchanting designs sprinkle your life with abundance and wealth.


Air breathes life to the living, an ultimate force that resides in everything. It is motion, creativity, and intelligence. VUOI represents imagination and self-expression, every statement piece is a strong force that demonstrates your unstoppable motion and immeasurable curiosity.


Fire transforms things into something new and beautiful, as it also transforms in and of itself. A flame, a flicker, an ember–all embodying passion, energy, and courage. VUOI is made to set something on fire, be it life, passion, or fashion. All is made to ignite boldness and edge to everything that comes your way.

In Our Element


Life is meant to be enjoyed, and nothing’s more enjoyable than playing on the edge. We live at the edges of industry, of trends, of our imaginations. We design for everyday fun, adventure, and effortless expression.


We thrive on imaginative design, drawing inspiration from the random and the whimsical, the nostalgic and the nonchalant. We incorporate spice and spontaneity through the playful expression of the classical, the quirky, the comfortable and the abstract.


At VUOI, we want to create connections, provide unique experiences, and foster a sense of belonging. We are all for self expression, uniting our collective and unique individual creativity.


We create fine jewellery, always using the highest quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. We aim to be recognized for our unique, representative designs that bring both fun and play in every moment.