Proudly founded Australia, Vuoi is a global brand, with a flagship boutique in Sydney’s designer hub, Double Bay. The sister brand of exclusive bespoke jewellery brand, Ele4orce, Vuoi is the cheeky, rebellious sibling. She’s a free spirit who knows exactly who she is and what she wants. She follows her heart and goes with the flow, knowing life’s too short not to relish the present and dance to the beat of your own drum.

Vuoi is all about YOU. Our name means “you see” in French, and “you want” in Italian. Our vision is to create jewellery that empowers you to express yourself freely and effortlessly through pieces that meet you in your element and accompany you wherever your day ventures.

We are not for everyone. If we are for you, you will know.

From our signature design lines to our seasonal collections that play a little closer to the edges, Vuoi has something to suit every mood and every moment. Some are a subtle nod to the naive or a wave to the whimsical. Others a contemporary take on timeless classics.,All are ethically sourced and made with the finest quality craftsmanship and materials.

We are a socially active brand that inspires social sharing, connection and community. We want to provide a place and space for freedom of expression, exploration and play.

You, see, we, want… vuoi.

Meet us at the edge of play.