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Top 10 Jewellery Gifts for the Christmas Season

When Santa's bells ring

Things to remember when buying jewellery as a Christmas gift

‘Tis the season to sparkle and shine! What’s a better way to spread joy than with the gift of exquisite jewellery?Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or treating yourself, this guide has you covered on the best jewellery gifts to give during the most wonderful time of the year.

Before you make your way over to the jeweller’s store or website, here are some things to consider when purchasing jewellery as a gift.

Hot Tips

  • Consider your recipient’s taste in jewellery.
  • Make sure it has meaning.
  • Go for personalised pieces.
  • Go for personalised pieces.
  • Order early.

Consider your recipient’s taste in jewellery. Do they often wear jewellery to begin with? Do they have piercings? How many? Are they a necklace or a bracelet person? Do they prefer bold styles, or classy, minimalist pieces?Ultimately, you’ll want to give something that your recipient will like, not what you think looks good on them.

Make sure it has meaning. Gifts are made all the more special when you take the time to consider what you’re trying to tell your recipient with them. When it comes to jewellery pieces, you could do your research on what the stones symbolise.Try gifting pieces that have your recipient’s favourite colours and stones, or go for the ones with their birthstones. The Cherie collection has a selection of birthstone pieces for you to choose from.

Go for personalised pieces. People love receiving gifts with their names on it, or with messages written especially for them. Initial pendants, filled lockets, and bracelet charms make a unique and thoughtful gift.Engraving is also an option. Check with your jeweller if you’re able to have a name or a special message engraved on a ring or a charm.

Be familiar with the shop's returns and exchanges policy, as well as their resizing guidelines. Not all pieces fit perfectly the first time, and that’s okay! Just make sure that you know how you can get them resized or even swapped for something else.

Order early, especially when it’s going to be a personalised piece. Beat the holiday rush by placing your orders earlier on.

Top 10 Jewellery Gifts for the Christmas Season

From timeless classics to trendy delights, you can bet these pieces will light up any room they’re in.


A brooch
Brooches are versatile as a special gift, or even a humorous one. No matter the design, they’re a classy or sassy addition to outfits.Choose a brooch that best represents your recipient’s personality. It could be a flower that symbolises a lot of their attitude, or one that’s a hobby they enjoy doing. Materials can range from elegant gold and silver to cute enamel pieces.

A chain necklace
Necklaces add a layer of glamour to an outfit, or even simply act as a pretty accessory to a casual look. Layering necklaces, in particular, has been all the rage lately, so your recipient would love your addition.On its own, it’s an elegant statement, but it can also be a solid foundation for when there are multiple necklaces. Check out the Calin Cable Chain Necklace.

An initial pendant
It’s just like those classic rom-coms—receiving necklaces or bracelets that include your significant other’s initials are always sure to get those butterflies in your stomach fluttering.It doesn’t need to be a romantic gesture, though! You can give initial pendants to your family members, best friends, or even wear your own initials as an expression of love for yourself. Whatever the case, initial pendants, like the Juca Initials Collection, are a personalised expression of appreciation.

Ear studs
Stud earrings are understated statements of elegance. They come in a variety of styles, from little sparkling gems to fun designs that showcase a lot of the wearer’s personality.They’re also easy but still special gifts. Not sure what to get? Think of your recipient’s zodiac. If your recipient’s a July baby, gift them the Cherie Ruby Earrings. If they like to accessorise with colour, the Maya Stud Earrings add a subtle pop of colour to any outfit. For pizza lovers, the Juca Pizza Stud Earrings would make a fun present.


Ear hoops
This is more intimate than studs. When you decide to give someone hoop earrings, you’ll need to know their hoop size preference and their earlobe, among other things.As a general rule, medium-sized hoops are the most versatile in terms of how they go with face shapes and hair length. Small hoop earrings work particularly well for those who like to wear medium-length to long hair down, while bigger hoops look best with angular, elongated, or wide face shapes.Huggies are versatile, since they hug the earlobe. Check out the Chandani Coral Embrace Huggie Earrings or the Maya Huggie Earrings.

Statement earrings
When done right, earrings can do a lot of the talking for your style. If your recipient has multiple piercings, they can have a whole ear party with the right pieces—starting with a statement earring that ties everything together.Statement earrings are usually the ones with the heaviest weight in terms of size, colour, material, or style. The Juca Iris Earrings, for example, can stand out amongst silver pieces with its bright colours. The Cielo Bespoke Midnight Earrings instantly transforms any look into an elegant one, perfect for those Christmas dinner parties.

Bracelets are great gifts not just for their ability to elevate a look, but also for the sentimental value that comes with them. Even something as simple as friendship bracelets made of plastic beads speaks volumes about how much you appreciate your bond.The Chandani Sea Breeze Lovelink Bracelet, for example, is a classy statement that works well with both casual and formal outfits. Perfect for travelling or classy events.


Pearls and gemstones
Pearl and diamond pieces, in particular, are sought after during the holidays for the understated elegance they bring. Consider giving your recipient the Luce Angel’s Halo Ring or the diamond-studded Juca Chartreuse Rectangle Huggie Earrings.You could also celebrate your recipient this Christmas or Hanukkah with birthstone pieces, like the Cherie Opal Ring for October celebrants or the Cherie Aquamarine Huggie Earrings for March babies.

A new wedding ring
Some couples upgrade or get a new ring every year, or to celebrate milestones like a new house or a new baby. There’s no better time to celebrate milestones in your relationship than the festive season. Gift them pieces like the Cherie Diamond Eternity Ring or the Cielo Bespoke Aurora Ring. Or a curved ring to frame their existing rings.

A jewellery box
It’s best to keep gorgeous jewellery somewhere they’re not constantly exposed to the elements. A lined jewellery box works great for keeping pieces safe and secure, and so it makes for a perfect gift, for yourself or your recipient.


Love in the holiday season

The holiday season is a time for giving and appreciation. Whether it be a delicate pendant, a pair of statement earrings, or a brooch that represents the best parts of a person, choosing to gift jewellery carries with it the warmth of love and appreciation.

May your holidays be as bright as the stones and styles in these collections!