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A Guide on Silver and Gold Jewellery

The Vuoi Team


Should I wear gold or silver jewellery?

Everyone should have at least one piece of jewellery, and chances are that piece will be gold or silver. These metals aren’t just accessories—they’re storytellers.

When you’re starting to build your collection, which one do you gravitate to? Gold, silver, or both? Here’s our short guide on gold and silver jewellery.

The real answer? It depends. Back then, it would have been unthinkable to mix and match two different kinds of metal or different colours. Now, the fashion police has taken a bit of a back seat in favour of self-expression.

Some rules of thumb serve as a quick reference when choosing between gold and silver jewellery. But bear in mind that you can always wear what you want!


To Start With...

Consider your skin tone. Generally speaking, if you’re cool-toned—that is, your veins appear blue and you tend to burn pretty easily—you’d look best with silver or white gold jewellery. On the other hand, warm skin tones, olive, or darker-skinned people whose veins appear green find their perfect match in gold and all its other colours (like rose gold and yellow gold).


Eye colour. When worn right, your jewellery can really bring out the natural beauty and colour of your eyes. Silver tends to accentuate lighter eye colours like blue, while gold perfectly complements the warmth of brown eyes. Green eyes go well with either.

Hair colour. Redheads, blondes, and silver hues look best with silver pieces. For darker shades of hair, like black and brown, gold is an optimal choice.

Going gold

Gold jewellery isn’t just known for being shiny. Traditionally, it was a sign of status and used to celebrate milestones. Now, it’s your personal style statement, whispering tales of success, love, and timeless charm.


Best outfits
Gold is incredibly versatile; even just a pair of gold hoops is enough to make a statement. Put on simple and neutral outfits to let the gold really stand out. Picture a white top and blue jeans, along with the Chandani Sea Breeze Lovelink Necklace and the Chandani Sea Breeze Lovelink Bracelet. Modern, chic, with the 14K gold doing all the talking.

Gold for cooler tones
For those with cooler tones, you can definitely still rock gold! You can mix and match silver pieces with gold ones for a stunning contrast. Pair a dainty silver pendant with the 14K gold Calin Figaro Chain Necklace. Insert the Cherie Tsavorite Ring between a solid silver band and a diamond-studded eternity ring. Don’t let anything get in the way of your personal style!

Layering and stacking pieces also go best with casual wear. Play around with textures and styles for an appealing visual effect.For a more elegant flair, pair your gold accessories with colours like black, emerald green, and red. Nothing says drama more than bold, contrasting pieces.

Styling silver

Like the stars in the night sky, silver jewellery is best known for its subtle gleam. It’s an incredibly versatile metal that works as a chic addition or a layer of added elegance, perfect for lunch dates or evening strolls.


Silver is for everyone
Here’s a cheat code to add heat to the coolness of silver: go for pieces with warm-toned stones like ruby, citrine, or garnet.Throw the best ear party with silver studs, the Cherie Citrine Earrings, and the Chandani Seafoam Peek Huggie Earrings. Stick the Cherie Ruby Ring between a curved silver band and a stunning eternity ring. Use those gemstones to your advantage!

Best outfits
Silver’s best attribute is being understated. Go for neutral tones like white, cream, tan, black, and all shades of beige, especially if you’re wearing silver pieces with warm-toned stones. You’ll also want to wear simple patterns to avoid creating a messy look.When it comes to layering and stacking, it’s best to go silver all the way—but don’t go overboard! Keep it to a number that won’t end up appearing too heavy. For a visually striking effect, add a couple of gold pieces. Try pairing the Calin Long Chain with the Juca Chiffon Frost Necklace, for example.


Whether it’s the opulence of gold or the versatile charm of silver, each piece bears witness to the artistry, tradition, and personal stories of its wearer. Beyond the sparkle, it’s the narratives of success and love that keep silver and gold from never going out of style.