At the heart of the VUOI collection is a profound appreciation for self-expression. We keep the philosophy of jewellery reflecting their wearers’ innermost selves in mind while crafting our pieces. Our Vuoi Circle values partners who understand this line of thinking.

Join us in advocating for bold, unapologetic individuality, and align with our commitment to offering products that celebrate the diverse expressions of style.


Clear and simple

As a Vuoi Circler, you’ll get the chance to earn commissions when your audience buys our pieces through you. To become one, the process is clear and simple, from the minute you sign up as a member to deciding what you feature on your content.

Exclusive and in the loop

Our Vuoi Circlers are granted exclusive access to sneak peeks and previews of our upcoming launches to keep their promotions fresh and exciting. We value their insights and continually work together with them to amplify the impact of our partnership.


Exciting earning opportunities

Enjoy the fruits of a successful partnership. We give our Vuoi Circlers a chance to earn commissions on net sales through Vuoi Circle links and banners on their content sites, which they can also track.

How to apply

Ready to join our community of Vuoi Circle? Please email us We’ll review your application and get in touch about the next steps.